Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two things

I would like everyone to come away from this post knowing two things. 1. Fridley is a backward, redneck suburb. Everyone knows it, but no one says it. Well, I just did. And 2. Parsnips are your friends.

First, I'd like to show this segment from the news last night. Watch Dallas show this hillbilly shithead what's what.

I just want to say that I was SO EXCITED to see her on TV, and worried that I may be a little biased, but then I talked to a coworker who'd happened to see the piece, and talked about what an idiot that guy was, and she had no idea Dallas was my friend, or that we've been trying to stop this event for weeks. If anything good is going to come out of this, we got ARC's name out there, and maybe other schools will reconsider if an event like this is put on the table.

Now, onto MoFo.

My mother made some dish when I was a kid that involved all sorts of rutabagas and whatnot in it, and I hated it so much that I have stigmatized turnips, parsnips, and pretty much any root vegetable out there. When my friend Shannon picked this recipe from Food & Wine magazine, I made a face when I saw that parsnips were on the ingredients list. But since I have turned my attitude around about kale, I figured the same would happen, and I was right.

Parsnips, for one, smell great. I was wondering if I'd spilled some essential oil or something as I was chopping them. Then I noticed that the smell was all over my hands. It kind of reminded me of tea tree. This mellowed in the cooking, and with the addition of herbs and a touch of sherry, really blossomed. This dish is a winner. I want to do a variation of it for Thanksgiving.

biscuit_potpie 001

Not much to this one. I cut the recipe in half, and subbed vegan ingredients (Boca crumbles for the burger, Daiya for the cheddar, soy for the milk, etc). It came out less like a potpie and more like a kind of hotdish with biscuit dumplings. Next time, I'll double the dough. My dish may also have been too big.

biscuit_potpie 009

Highly recommended for a lazy, rainy fall day. This is the definition of comfort food.


Brandon said...

Awesome! Parsnips have always instilled fear in me. It's great to hear that maybe that fear is a little unfounded.

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celyn said...

This looks so good!