Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mistress of my domain.

Brandon the Awesome set me up with because he's rad and I'm a luddite when it comes to all this .com stuff. It appears to be working. You should see up in the url bar instead of the url. Right?

Anyway, today was supposed to be potluck day, but it looks like everyone called off due to rain. This is a mixed blessing for me, as I have just rolled out of bed (goddamn Rescue Me keeping me up til 4:00am), and I have nothing to bring. The thing starts in an hour, and here I sit blogging when I could be running to Whole Foods and then jumping on a bus out to Tangletown to possibly no one. I have an LA trip to save for (now that a simple mistake led to a MILLION repercussions with my money), and I have dinner with my brother tonight.

I also hate the rain. It sucks ten times worse when you don't have a car.