Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up.

Oy, I have not much of an excuse for staying away for so long. One is that I am lazy, and the other is that I lost my camera. But then I found it, so laziness wins out.

Much stuff going on in the little vegan world in Minneapolis. I'll start with two fun and successful bake sales! The first one was to benefit Kinship Circle; an organization organizing rescues for abandoned and injured animals after the Haiti earthquake. The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (Twin Cities style) took place at Ethique Nouveau on April 24. Here are some pictures from both (this was also my chance to get some shots of the new store!) :

This tree is in the front window. I love that they bought Aqua Globes.

bakesale 026

Beautiful jewelry, handbags, and cosmetics.

bakesale 022

bakesale 020

Those avocado brownies were awesome. Really. I swear.

bakesale 018

These cranberry-almond muffins got many five-star reviews.

bakesale 011

Celeste's truffles. By popular demand, they also appeared at the next bake sale.

bakesale 007

These are mine. Lemony macadamia white chocolate scones, and double chocolate muffins.

bakesale 002

On May 14, I attended a sushi class at the home of Ciree Linsenman. I had a blast (hanging out with other vegans usually is), and found out that assembling sushi is really not that hard. I'm looking forward to having some friends over to roll our own. These pictures were taken with my new Samsung Behold II phone, as I had misplaced my camera. As you can see, it takes pretty okay pictures of food, while my digital camera leaves much to be desired. I guess six years is long enough. Time to get a camera that takes good food pictures, dammit.

Gobo Boats: red quinoa with pickled burdock root. Color is from beets.


Tavo Tavo Maki.


Tavo Tavo Maki, pre-rolled.


Rainbow Inari parcels.


Black Dragon Back Roll (in the back, with the bok choy sticking out).


Coming soon: Waffles! Iron Chef! Skin Trade movie premier! Stay tuned.