Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stunt Week crawls to a close: The Cherberple.

About two weeks ago, my dad sent me a link to this article. I was fascinated, disgusted, and sure of one thing: I was going to make this thing vegan. For those who are scared to click the link, the Cherpumple is what's been hailed as the "Turducken of desserts." Three store bought pies, baked into three cake mix cakes, layered, and frosted with three cans of cream cheese frosting. Makes you sick just to imagine it. Maybe you drool a little.

I'm on vacation starting today. It worked out that the last day of stunt week would involve the biggest stunt of all, and would also fall on my first day off in a bazillion days. I considered sleeping in, but eventually dragged myself up at noon and preheated the oven.

I decided to make a "CherBERple," as opposed to the cherpumple because I didn't want to even try looking for a vegan pumpkin pie, and I didn't want to ruin pumpkin pie for myself (nor anyone I feed this to) before Thursday. The pumpkin pie was replaced with a berry pie.

It took some girl on the intertubes five hours to make this thing. I figured I'd have it photographed and blogged by 6:00pm, leaving me free to...well, do nothing. I can tell you that I hadn't even put the last layer in the oven by six. Also, I burned myself pretty badly with the side of a cookie sheet, so I deserve the extra time. As well as an awesome story to accompany the scar.

Here is layer #1, sometime earlier today:

cherberple 001

It's a Marie Callender's Razzleberry Pie baked inside a (Duncan Hines, I think...whichever one is vegan)strawberry cake. Set it aside to cool, and then worked on the second layer: dutch apple baked into a spice cake. When cooled, I inverted the spice cake onto the frosted strawberry layer.

cherberple 004

Some minor issues with the structural integrity soon gave way to the cake looking like the Roman Coliseum, and no amount of spackling with two different kinds of frosting (vanilla and lemon) was going to help it. Then the last layer cooled.

cherberple 008

This is the only side that was ready for a close-up.

It wasn't until I cut out a slice that the whole thing became a sinkhole.

cherberple 009


And here is the "slice," with a little coconut cream.

cherberple 015

I couldn't finish it. It had to be a supernova of calories. I'm now off to stop the cake. It's starting to crawl across the counter.


Leinana said...

This is totally hilarious/amazing/terrifying! I attempted the Thanksgiving "meat" cake, and the results looked not so different from this! I applaud your effort!

Heidi said...

This is why you hold the title Vegan Iron Chef.

Jen Treehugger said...

Oh my god did I ever laugh reading that!
You have created a monster!

celyn said...

This post made me squeak and laugh! How hilarious and I don't even know what!

LE said...

Oh my god. My teeth hurt just looking at that.

Veg-In-Training said...

I think I gained 5 pounds just reading this.

Jennifer said...

This rules -- I think I will try a single-pie (pumpkin? pecan?) version between now and Xmis.