Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sopa de FUBAR

Relax. The soup turned out fine. I'm still trying to determine if I need stitches or not.

Today's recipe comes from Saveur magazine, and can be found here. Seeing as my vittles from the last few days have been (in order): thrown away due to oversight, ignored, and eaten with a simple review via text message ("I ate it. It's good."), I decided that if I picked one, I would 1. eat it, 2. like it, and 3. never make another goddamn thing for my ungrateful coworkers. Except for my boss. He took the time to call me and tell me how wonderful the coffee cake was. So there.

sopa_de_Fuba 002

This soup took FOREVER. The 40-minute whisking and cooking of the cornmeal was a pain in the ass, but it made for a very hearty broth. Instead of chicken, I used veg broth, and also used Tofurky kielbasa for the sausages, and silken tofu for the eggs. I definitely want to make this again, because it is now the only dish involving collards (next to abesha gomen, of course) that I enjoy. Otherwise, that devil green can go to hell. Anyway, during the 40-minute whiskfest, I did a few dishes, and a glass broke as I was sponging out the inside of it. It took a chunk out of my pinky the size of a kernel of corn, and I have since soaked through three paper towels and some gauze. It's now wrapped and taped, but I'm scared that unwrapping it will start the bleeding all over again. Some "awww"s and "poor baby"s would really help me out right now.

sopa_de_Fuba 009

Next time I make this, I'm going to immersion blend the tofu into the broth. Whisking didn't quite smooth it out like I'd hoped. I hate those itty bitty white tofu globs. But it tastes pretty awesome. Or I could be getting woozy.


Anonymous said...

Please update and let us know if your finger is okay!