Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I dug out a bag of 17 bean & barley soup mix from Trader Joe's. That's all it is. A bag of beans and some barley. I did a quick soak, and threw it in the slow cooker with some Not Beef broth, and left for work. All day long, I thought, "It's going to suck. I have the worst luck with dried beans. The last time I made this in a pot, it was inedible." Then I got home and was welcomed by a delicious aroma as I entered my third floor hallway. I got inside, stirred the soup, added some leftover diced tomatoes and some Boca crumbles.

beansoup 002

What a surprise. The amount of dried basil, salt, and pepper was perfect. The beans were tender and hadn't disintegrated like I'd feared. My tummy has been a mess for a couple of days, and this was just the perfect thing; nourishment without a whole lot of crazy ingredients to make me queasy later. The broth was thick and didn't have any weird foam in it that beans tend to do to my soups. This soup mix is going to be a regular purchase, because I know I can slow cook it and have a wonderful dinner when I get home. Makes me look forward to winter.

Tomorrow's payday. Will I do one last scrounge-in-the-cupboards dinner, or will I go shopping? We'll see.


Celeste said...

Sound delish! I will have to try this out for the family. We're always looking for tasty and easy meals.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Glad it worked out. Thanks for posting that mouse video - it made my day!