Saturday, November 6, 2010

Calm before the storm

The first week of MoFo is usually a hodgepodge for me, and I get right into themes on the second week. Tonight, I decided to make myself some leftover soup, and a grilled Daiya sandwich.

Daiya grilled

I like to mix dried rosemary into some Earth Balance and spread that on the outside before grilling. Try it. It's addicting.

So, I went grocery shopping today. I forgot my piece of shit camera, and took cell phone pictures, but they're all too small and bad. I really want a new camera. Something with a great macro setting for food photos. Not incredibly expensive. Good optical zoom. Post recommendations in the comments!

But, one picture I will share is this one.

Oh, hells yes.

nog 003

Goodnight, MoFoers! Magazine week starts tomorrow.


coldandsleepy said...

NOG! I am so happy that the season of nog is upon us.

Also, I'm going to try the rosemary EB thing next time I have a grilled Cheezly!

B.A.D. said...

I have major nog envy.

The fist camera I got with a decent macro setting for food porn is my Konica minolta DiMAGE Z2. It's out of date, relatively decent little point and click with a few features to get you messing around with.

Another good tip is to check flickr you can actually look up photos based on the camera used and it'll give you all the details on the shot and settings


Koala said...

I love making Daiya grilled cheese sandwiches! I'll try adding rosemary next time. And I totally look forward to the arrival of Nog on the shelves this time of year!

Rose said...

Love the idea of the rosemary EB on the grilled sandwich...looks super munchable!