Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kaeng Daeng Choux de Bruxelles au Gratin...?

In French, le gratin refers to the hoity-toities of society, or "upper crust." I found this out while researching for this recipe. I didn't want to call it au gratin if that meant exclusively potatoes or cheese. Nope, just crust. Fantastic. Now you can all shake your heads at my no doubt shitty, but creative attempt at language fusion.

I've been planning something like this for a while. It started as a soup, then became an appetizer, and finally I settled on the decision to make some sort of casserole. The idea of making it a gratin came when I noticed the bread crumbs in the cupboard.

Fork tender brussels sprouts combined with fresh mushrooms in a casserole dish, smothered in a basil-y red curry coconut sauce and baked at 375° for about 15 minutes.

Then topped with bread crumbs, and a little leftover sauce mixed with loads of melted Earth Balance and broiled for five minutes or until golden brown on top.

That's my version of a recipe when I'm far too exhausted to remember it, let alone type it all out. Anyway, the smell is unbelievable, and the flavor is exactly what I hoped to achieve: spicy and Asian, yet still buttery and French.


Jen Treehugger said...

Hot DAMN that looks soooo good Megan.

Anonymous said...

Please find some time to write down this recipe??? This sound exactly as a dish that would finally make me liking brussels sprouts.

chris said...

yes! can we have the specifics?!?!? looks beautiful