Friday, October 2, 2009


Autumn is the best time of year. In Minnesota, the summers are too hot and humid, the springs are filthy and cold, winters are unbearable, and the falls are beautiful. Notice how when you go outside in the fall, it smells like a campfire? What's that about? I love it, though. I also dig wearing jeans, sweaters, and my corduroy jacket. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving (although a fall harvest holiday, it's usually very much winter when it comes), and the chilly apartment feels perfect with a cuddly blanket and cats that cuddle; if not with me, then with each other (aw!).

My other favorite thing about Fall is soup. Hearty, warm, and comforting, soup is just the perfect meal for a lazy, chilly day. I planned to hit Whole Foods today, but it's been drizzly all day and my couch is just so comfy. I don't work until 1pm tomorrow, so I'll go before work. That means I have to cut myself off after two at Vegan Drinks tonight.

This soup is going to be in the new book by Isa. I am so behind on testing, it's sad. I really want a job that's 8-5 with weekends and holidays off, so I can be a worthy tester.

And without further ado, Lotsa Veggie Lentil Soup.

About 45 minutes later.

And with a slice of freshly baked sesame flax bread.


Debra said...

Your soup looks delish, just missing a homemade loaf of whole wheat bread :-) Thanks for sharing.

Tami said...

Another fall and soup lover chiming in. That looks great!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to fall, because I can't drink/eat hot things like tea and soup in the summer. I am always looking for good lentil soup recipes and this looks awesome!