Thursday, October 8, 2009

In no mood.

I'm three days from Shark Week, and tonight some douchebag got in my face because I wouldn't cash his stupid MoneyGram (so he could go get drunk, no doubt), and called me every name in the book, so all I could do was say, "Oh yeah? Well, fuuuuuuck you!"

And now I'm coming home to eat crap and not cook, but I am going to have this for dessert:

That would be Trader Joe's soy vanilla ice cream, with toasted walnuts, and a bourbon vanilla caramel sauce.

And here's Bowie, eating a salad.


Jen Treehugger said...

Bowie's so cute eating salad! My mums dogs eat carrots and oranges which made me smile. One of my cats eats peanuts and flapjacks. They are funny aren't they. I'm hoping the sundae worked it's magic and you shook off the days trials and tribulations. If it's any consolation - I'm having a pretty shitty time too.

Debra said...

no that looks so good!

adriennefriend said...

Ha, looks like Bowie got the "raw" end of the deal! --omg...too corny. *hangs head in shame*

adrienne :)