Monday, October 12, 2009

Good morning, sunshine!

I woke up to the sound of Mischka chattering at the window. Expecting to see a bird out there, I noticed that it was snowing. Great, big clumps of the stuff. Not the mere dusting we got on Saturday.

I am totally unprepared. I need boots. I need a new winter coat. I need a hat, fer chrissakes. Where is all the stuff from last year, you ask? Either ill-fitting, ugly, or not particularly vegan as I try to replace all my pre-gan stuff. I found two mismatched mittens. I don't have time to run to Target before work, but I totally had time to make a batch of warm muffins. Gingery Carrot Orange Muffins, actually.

These turned out good, but not as orange-y or gingery as I'd like. I'll try them again with zest of two oranges, and either fresh or crystallized ginger. Powder didn't do this justice.

But they are still tasty, and I'll give some to my neighbor and the unappreciative losers I work with. I definitely need more vegan friends.


Anonymous said...

Those muffins look AWESOME. Hope you find some good winter gear!

Bianca said...

Snowing!!! Oh my! I can't even imagine snow in October. Down here, we're lucky to see snow maybe once in February. Stay warm!!! The muffins look delicious. I love the little carrot bits sticking through.

Jennifer said...

Snow?!? I guess it's not long until that happens here. I have my winter stuff ready to go in case, but I do need to find my warm mittens ASAP.