Sunday, May 31, 2009

C'mon, summer!

While I was a little relieved that we're taking a break from testing (now I can learn how to manage my time and money), I am anxious to get back into the kitchen. Summer is wiping it's feet at the door, and I have so much lined up. There's Grilling Without Killing, organized by those of us at Animal Rights Coalition, where vegans are encouraged to throw compassionate cookouts for their omni friends, and we supply the literature, veggie burgers, and Tofurkey brats! We're looking at 20 cookouts, with ten guests at each. You can certainly invite more people, but we can only supply ten burgers, brats, and gift bags per party. If you live in the Twin Cities, give Dallas a call at (612) 822-6161 or you can email ARC here. I will be the contact person for the hosts, so if you need a fan-freaking-tastic potato salad recipe, or some words of encouragement, I'll be supplying my cell number to you.

As for the rest of the summer, I have friends coming to visit, a 38th birthday (ugh) to celebrate, and (I'm hoping) a few trips out to see some friggin' nature. All of this, and lots more cooking, blogging, and staying out of my 300° third floor apartment. I never thought I'd ever be happy to spend an hour in the cooler at work hoisting Gatorade, but I am.

Here's some pictures from May Day in Powderhorn Park on May 3rd.

Vegan doggie treats!