Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zupa Grochowka


Who knew that my favorite soup as a child, fresh out of the Chunky can, had a Polish history? I knew they were into their pork over there, but I guess I never associated anything edible with Poland other than kielbasa.

pea soup 001

I think all of us have made this before. Split pea soup with onion, celery, potatoes, and carrots. Maybe some vegan ham, if you have some around. Maybe cook it with a little beer or sherry, to bring out the heart of the soup.

pea soup 004

I woke up feeling like shit, and all I wanted today was soup. I wondered if this would be too heavy, and maybe it was, but it's the perfect dinner to curl up with when it's 40° outside.


Kaylyn said...

OH yum!!!!!! This looks bomb!

foodfeud said...

Yummy. I had split pea soup for dinner!

jessy said...

i hope you're feeling better today, Megan! i had no idea split pea soup was Polish - and like you, i thought only kielbasa (and pierogies) were about it in the way of Polish foods. ha! i always make my split pea soup all creamy-like, but i'm really digging the chunky-style split pea you've got go'n on. superw00t!