Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grocery day!


My super awesome friend Shannon was nice enough to chauffeur my ass around to various stores today to pick up what I needed for, um, about a week and a half of MoFo. I have been to about seven stores in the past week, gathering up what I need (still not shopping at the Wedge, though), and I'm still trying to find white chocolate chips (I may have to just give up on that) and vegan shrimp. Vegetarian Plus makes vegan shrimp, but they no longer carry them at my Whole Foods. I may have to make a run to the Seward. Cross your fingers for me!

Most fabulous find are multi-colored tortilla strips. When I post the recipe I need them for, you'll find out why. Most bizarre find: a two pound vegan ham I pulled out of the freezer at Evergreen Chinese restaurant.

Here's a fraction of my haul:

mofo 003

Now, those of you who know where I work know that the first of the month is the most exhausting day of the month, and to do all of this after eight hours of dealing with people willing to blow their state benefits on overpriced soda and cigarettes, you can understand why my dinner tonight isn't anything mind blowingly MoFo-tastic, but possibly a bowl of cereal or pita and hummus. But let's look at the calendar, shall we?

R35 Free October 2011 Calendar wallpaper

I have themes planned for the four complete Sunday-through-Saturday weeks in October. That leaves today (the first) and the last two days to play around with. Don't worry. Tomorrow, things get serious.


Jackie Smith said...

That haul looks pretty amazing to me! I also grocery shop with a friend (mostly to distract me, because I hate grocery shopping).

GiGi said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that vegan ham. Hey, maybe it's a good thing you haven't tracked down those vegan shrimp thingies. I reviewed them on my blog a while back.

adriennefriend said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Megan said...

I've tried the shrimp before and they would be ok for what I need them for. I hope Seward has them!