Monday, October 15, 2012

The latest contender.

I'm starting to feel really competitive. Like, bloodthirsty competitive. I actually contemplated not posting anything the rest of the week - not even pictures - because I don't want to give any indications about what I'm up to. How sad is that? I've won Iron Chef before, and I should be willing to deal with someone else getting the glory.

But dammit. I wanna win!

This is something I often make with the Gardein beefless tips. I figured, if I can make the curls taste like chicken, why can't I also make them taste beefy? I can do it with seitan and TVP. Soy Curls are really just whole grain TVP, anyway.

vegan stroganoff
Soy Curl Stroganoff

Making this, I got all fancy with the ingredients, and should have just stuck to how I normally do it. Should I enter this on Saturday, I'll go back to the basics. Oh, and use the right kind of noodles.


GiGi said...

Hey why don't you add your soy curls to that awesome pot pie you made and make mini pot pies? just a thought since you ahd me drooling over those.