Thursday, October 27, 2011

When life gives you lemons, or in this case...

exploded caramel apple cookies or melted turtle brownies, you do this.

sundae 002

This is of course after furiously slamming the brownie pan on the counter and yelling "FUCK" at the top of your lungs because you're convinced that your goddamn kitchen is cursed and/or you've completely lost all of your cooking skill somehow. This has been a weird week for me. I wonder if it's some strange hormonal thing because not only can I not cook, but I've gone back and read some things I posted on other sites and it's like a fucking illiterate teabagger transcribed for me. I was tempted to just throw in the towel, but instead, I took the day off from Mofo, made some spaghetti, and slept for about thirteen hours. This morning, I took a couple of my melted brownies, and made the above sundae. The rest are going in the freezer until I figure out what else to do with a baking fail other than toss it in the garbage with what Mischka left on the floor this morning.

God. Why didn't I do a garlic week or something?


Lizzie Bordello said...

Well, the sundae looks super tasty and I just cannot stop laughing at "a fucking illiterate teabagger," so hopefully that will make you feel a bit better! :)

jessy said...

oh man, Megan. you and me both, my friend. i took the day off from MoFo today. i just had to. i posted a bowl of quinoa and beans. that was it. my mojo in the kitchen went to complete shit 2 years ago when i had to go gluten-free. not only was i shouting fuck and banging crap around the kitchen, but i'd shed some tears. these days i still fub up most of my baked goods. but it's alright - makes my skin tough, i guess. gluten-free flour is expensive - so's oil, earth balance, all that stuff. but anywhooo.... i'm glad you made something awesome out of those "lemons". i love your posts
'cause they're awesome and honest and you're kicking MoFo booty, indeed!

GiGi said...

See that looks delicioius. A lot of people don't know this but The parfait originated with baking fuck ups that were "parlayed" into a glass and then covered with preferably vegan ice cream. I made a smoothee that was supposed be ice cream the other night. Pissed me off but tasted good.