Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stunt Week Day 4: The Luther

If you do an image Google for "Luther Vandross," you're going to get quite a few pictures of the original version of this. It involves an outrageously huge cheeseburger snuggled between two Krispy Kreme donuts. Apparently, the onetime "Heavyweight of Soul" admitted to enjoying his burgers this way. Of course, now that Luther has shed those pounds, and passed away five years ago, it has been relegated to internet infamy. I wonder if he'd have liked my vegan version?

I started off making a dozen raised donuts. This was a two day process, because the first batch was ruined by dead yeast. I picked up some fresh stuff, and tried again. I need a deep fry thermometer, because my donuts got brown really fast.


I set aside a couple, and took the rest to work, where they were devoured within a half hour. I guess my first attempt at raised donuts wasn't a total disaster.

When I got home, I figured I would trim my veggie burger so it would fit on the donut, otherwise it would just look like a giant patty with a tiny little donut beanie on. As you can see, I don't have a donut cutter; just a biscuit cutter, so they were leetle. Look at the size of that pickle slice!

luther 003

How did it taste? Um...delicious. I couldn't eat a huge one, but the little slider size was perfect, and may show up on the menu the next time I have the opportunity to serve party food. Super Bowl, perhaps.


BunzOfCinnamon said...

HA! Oh man, this post had me laughing. I had never heard of Luther eating that, but it's such a freaking creative dish for you to veganize! Awesome job!

Heidi said...

Maybe Luther would have LIVED if he'd tried your version.

Veg-In-Training said...

Disgustingly awesome.

Fanny said...

It seems so wrong but right at the same time. I might have to try it.