Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still here!

Not having a whole lot of money to experiment with things has kicked me in the ass lately, so I thought I would post a few things that have inspired me in the last couple of months.

I treated myself to an iPod with my Christmas money, and have been a podcast FREAK. Here are a few podcasts worth subscribing to.

1. Vegetarian Food for Thought. This one is from Compassionate Cooks with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. If you ever need to jumpstart your resolve, especially after a tough day of dumbass questioning from relatives, this is a must. Damn useful for brushing up your arguments. There are a few episodes that are really hard to listen to, but that's what got you here, right?

2. Yell at Your Fat. It looks like there's only going to be 139 episodes (one for every pound she's lost), but maybe she can be coaxed into more? She's silly, motivating, loves to sing cheesy songs, and she reminds me so much of myself. As a fat vegan, it's wonderful to know that I have a friend out there who is doing it, and doing it vegan.

3. Vegan Freak Radio. Bob and Jenna really have fun doing this, and Bob's little drops and samples make me laugh; especially "Happy Meat" and a recording of John McCain saying "Heennhh?" in a perfectly done crusty old man voice. I was afraid I wouldn't like it because I find the forums on Vegan Freaks to be pretty exclusionary and obnoxious, even for an abolitionist like myself. I much prefer the PPK. But until Isa and Josh start up Naked Vaygun again, Bob and Jenna have my undivided attention.

4. Not a podcast (yet), but I want to direct your attention to the Animal Rights Coalition, and Meagan Holtgrewe's Rhymes With Vegan. I met these guys last night at Vegan Drinks and knew I had to give a shout. I will try to give more info about ARC once I start attending meetings (without having two Cosmos first), but I can never forget the delicious tofu satays that were served and prepared by Meagan. I spent my hungover Saturday morning watching her videos. My two favorite things: Minnesota and cooking shows. And all vegan!

5. Honorable mention: Vegan Radio, Vegcast, VegTalk, and Vegan-a-Go-Go. Fills the void now and then, but isn't as engaging. I haven't updated these in weeks.

Download now, bitches!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Megan! We're so glad you stopped by Vegan Drinks last night and especially appreciated your glass washing abilities extraordinaire!! :> I can't wait to check out some of the recipes you have on your blog. I'm not a cook but I think I can manage some of the easier ones. Hope to see you at an ARC meeting soon!

Heidi G.

Anonymous said...

hey megan-

i think you are one of the coolest vegan's i have met in the longest damn time. Thanks to Dallas for the hook up, right?

Anyways, I look forward to hanging with you sometime and whipping up some serious midwest grub, with our vegan touch!!

Thank again for the shout out.
Hope to talk again soon!

Jen Treehugger said...

Hello - good to see you.
Some good links there - I'll check them out.