Friday, September 5, 2014

Burrito night!

So, today is payday. But, since I had to work today, I didn't get a chance to do a thorough grocery trip.  I was planning to make something out of my new Non -Dairy Evolution cookbook, but apparently soy lecithin and lactic acid powder aren't readily available in town. Making my own vegan buttermilk, butter, and creme fraiche will have to wait.

So, that leaves what I did grab at the store, which was some Beyond Meat chick'n strips and some Daiya cheddar shreds.  When I got home from work at 10:45pm, my brain could only come up with burritos.

Another super easy lunch or dinner.  All you need is some warmed refried beans or black beans, tortillas, some  vegan meats if you'd like,  leftover rice, and some sauteed onion.

Top with lettuce, vegan cheese, and salsa. Maybe some avocado and Tofutti sour cream if you have some.

Roll it up, and stuff it in your face!


Panda With Cookie said...

Perfect late night dinner.