Saturday, October 11, 2008

Now that's a fire!

Today I cleaned my house top to bottom. I got out the Magic Eraser and everything. As soon as I was satisfied with the sparkle, I headed out to Home Despot in search of a plant hanger. You know, like a stupid plastic hook with armlike protrusions. Or some kind of hook/chain type thing. After an excruciating bus ride into Nordeast Minneapolis, I come to find out that they don't have anything like that. They have hanging plants, sure. Ferns and shit. But I just wanted the thing, not the plant in it. Dammit. Home Depot was my last resort. I've tried florists, Target, everything. Am I crazy? Are hanging plants passe? At least I found some poor bastard's $85 31-day bus pass that they'd only used for three days before dropping it. Heh.

I got home and was in no mood for anything really involved, but I knew I had to get cracking. I have three more chapters in VFaS I still have to do (although I may not get to India in time, as my sambar needs to be delivered). Tonight is Middle East/Africa. My choice was the Vegetable Tagine with Seitan and Apricots. One of the ingredients it called for was harissa, which I distinctly remember leaving behind in the fridge of my old apartment. Oops? Luckily, there was a recipe to make my own. Which I did.
With Indian dried chiles. 40,000 hus. I added a little extra olive oil to temper the flames. Good thing, since the Tagine recipe called for a half teaspoon of cayenne. I don't think I've ever used more than 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon of that shit. Anyway, Robin said to do it, so I did. All in all, the recipe was LOVELY. Yes, it was hot, and I was grateful because I was beginning to wonder where exactly the "fire" was in this book. I loved how all of the flavors blended, but didn't mush together. Everything retained it's own personality, while still playing nice with the other kids in the pot. I served it over couscous with the recommended toasted almonds (yes, I know I kinda burned mine SHUT UP). I also suggest pairing this with about six glasses of ice water. It was also pretty quick to put together once the harissa was made and the apricots were soaked. Not a lot of attention is needed. Just what I needed after spending a whole day on the friggin' bus.

I wanted to do the food shoot on my Persian rug, but Bowie was insistent that he be a part of this.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday's paella and today's couscous both look great! I guess it's time I check out this book!

Zoey said...

Hi Megan,

Your dinner looks delicious and I love the pictures of your cat. He is very cute.

allularpunk said...

um, yeah, that looks AWESOME.