Sunday, June 15, 2008

Okey dokey, artichokey

This is a brunch item that I tested this morning. It was supposed to be Simple Stuffed Artichokes with Ginger and Chervil, but I couldn't find chervil. I used parsley, instead. I feel sort of pissed off about that; I plan to retry this later in the week once I find some damned chervil. I still have one more artichoke. I didn't buy the four that the recipe called for because the damn things were $5.99 each! I blame Bush.

My mom was always into fresh herbs, although I never saw any little pots on the windowsill. Then I remembered that we always had cats, so it wasn't a good idea to have tasty green things around that made for green puke. This would be a horrible idea for me, since this guy:

would not only mow down anything I planted, but he'd knock the pots on the floor afterward. I'm not that stupid.