Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You're such a down...home...girl...

Growing up in Minnesota means lots of family meals out in the sticks with a large Lutheran family. Potlucks are common, and each dish brings with it memories, comfort, and of course, animal products.

After going vegan in 2006, these family events became tougher to attend. Everyone loved my lasagna last Christmas (no idea there was no cheese!) and even my veggie-hating brother asked for seconds of the Eggplant Moussaka I brought the Christmas before. My dad welcomed me into his kitchen to create a vegan Thanksgiving, and I've never had anyone look at my cookies sideways. So I decided, if it's good enough for me and my family, why not veganize all those favorites from my childhood, and throw in some new stuff that would make my Aunt Vicki fan herself with her hymnal? Hence the birth of this blog. Enjoy, and feel free to make suggestions!