Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updates and a little porn.

Yeah, it's been a while. So sorry, blah blah blah. I haven't posted since...January. Ugh...because, well, number one: Laziness. Followed by boring ass weight loss. Who wants to see pictures of salads? Every day? Also, it appears I've caught the stupids or something, because lately I've been the Typo Queen, and the check I wrote for July's rent looks like it was written with my left hand. I know, practicing writing will make it better, but...

But yeah, mostly laziness.  

Not that I haven't had anything to post. I recently started up a vegan cooking club with a few of my most awesome vegan friends, and we've met up three times now and eaten our weight in delicious vegan yums. Last weekend we gorged on Daiya jalapeno garlic havarti, guacamole made with tequila, pizzagna, and dipped various things into a chocolate fountain. I'm fairly sure that last weekend, along with my birthday excursion to Modern Times, and lunch at the Chicago Diner on the 29th led to a four pound weight gain. So, I'm back to eating rabbit food again. Well, after breakfast. scrammie 

 I've been eating a tofu scramble every morning. It's good protein and veggies, which keeps me going for about five hours before I have to eat again. When I eat cereal, it tends to set me up for failure by 11:00am, because it gets my carb cravings going. Today, I made my version of a breakfast sandwich, with I call a "scrammie," and yes, I've annoyed even myself with that Rachael Ray BS. I made a tofu scramble (light on the tofu, heavy on the veggies), and put it on a Bagel Thin with a Sol sausage patty, a lightly dressed cabbage relish, and chili-garlic aioli made from reduced-fat Vegenaise. The whole thing cost me 10 Weight Watchers points (a little more than 1/4 my daily allotment), and was super filling and delicious. That sausage patty was a mere point! I'll be throwing those in the cart every time I go to Whole Foods. I may have to write to them and have the girls sample these things on Midwest Vegan Radio, as well. Good stuff.