Thursday, August 20, 2009

Break's over.

Isa is back to posting recipes for us to test, and it's time for me to get up off my lazy arse and get in the kitchen. Since VeganMoFo is coming up in October, I really should start working out my skills. That means more cooking and more blogging.

She posted a slew of stuff, but this is what I had all the ingredients and patience for this evening.

Open Faced Portobello Reuben with Thousand Island White Bean Spread.

I wish diets were always this delicious.


Bianca said...

That sandwich looks so yummy. White bean spread is the food of the gods.
I think I'll actually participate in Vegan Mofo this year...last year, I didn't want to make such a commitment. But that's a lame ass excuse. :-)