Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday we had a meeting at work which included breakfast. I enjoyed some OJ, chocolate Silk, and a Silk blueberry yogurt, and a plain Panera bagel. I dug through the box to find it. Of course, I come home to find out that they include DATEM and L-cysteine, which I'd just prefer to avoid because I'm not about to call up Panera HQ and demand the source of said additives.

This just further encouraged me to tackle Isa's bagel recipe that's being tested for the new cookbook. All I have to say is, if you've avoided making your own because they seemed like a lot of work, rest assured: they are NOT! They take a long time, what with the rising and preheating and bringing water to a boil (doesn't it bug when Europeans say "bring to the boil"?), but the rest of it is just fun. Especially putting on fun bagel-shop toppings:

Poppy seed:


Red onion:



In other news, Megan's got high speed now. After a month of severe pennilessness, chest colds, allergies, and just plain laziness, I got on the phone and canceled my dial up internet, AT&T (bastards), and Callwave. I've eliminated a few unnecessary bills, and added on DSL. Look forward to more regular posts.


herbivore said...

Yum! I love making bagels! I was surprised at how easy they really are to make. My favorite is cinnamon sugar, but rosemary sure does look good. I bet it would be amazing with some olive oil.